Inside story of piercing

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A lot of piercing patients visit every day because of the spring break.
Clinic wears medical piercings instantly with a device called piercer.
Medical earrings are 24 gold-plated and the rod is thicker than commercially available earrings, so that the piercing holes are opened beautifully.
Some of the current earrings are fashionable with tips attached to various jewelry.

There is no bleeding or intense pain.
Patients who have been pierced to finish wearing in no time are surprised by their speed, low pain and simplicity.

When there are many, piercing more than 20 people a day.

Disinfection is ...
Hibiten and common disinfectants are contraindicated.

This is because it may interfere with the epithelialization of the pierced hole and cause inflammation.
In terms of wound treatment concepts, general disinfectants are not recommended.
Disinfection makes it easier to cause infection.
Be careful! !

Disinfect the earrings? Is it really necessary?
Cleaning daily is more effective for preventing infection than disinfection.

In this hospital, we report on topical drugs containing vitamin C derivatives to promote epithelialization.
In order to avoid any anxiety to the patient, it is handed over as a special special disinfectant.

I am still surprised that some medical institutions are still instructed after piercing antiseptics such as Hibiten.

The concept, theory, and clinical aspects of wound treatment have been reliably introduced to aesthetic medicine.