Another cosmetic surgery death occurred ...

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The other day, I was sorry at the NPO Japan Cosmetic Surgery Board of Directors' meeting, but there was a fatal accident report at acupuncture cosmetic surgery clinic.

It should never be fatal in cosmetic surgery that treats healthy people, not sick people.

Deaths from breast augmentation and liposuction are occurring one after another.
In addition, many serious accidents have occurred in cosmetic surgery until death.

The causes are mostly doctors' lack of skills, miscellaneous surgery, and anesthesia management troubles.

The death of a cosmetic surgery that occurred at the end of last year is thought to be due to the miscellaneous surgical principles of discount cosmetic surgery, and a police investigation is ongoing.

Is the cause of death the patient? Is it a doctor?
The investigation of this point seems to be in progress.

I have experienced a number of cases of patients who were affected by this surgery.

There is almost no problem on the patient side, and most of the problem is on the doctor side.

The other day, there was a problem regarding cosmetic surgery in the Diet response, but do you think that there are a lot of cosmetic surgeons who perform medical treatments that are too low in quality?

Pediatricians and emergency life-saving doctors who save their lives by cutting their lives.
There is a big range in medicine.

I hope that the cosmetic surgeons who perform happiness medical care will be able to play an active role.