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Cosmetic surgery trouble

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An increasing number of patients are coming to the clinic to discuss problems after cosmetic surgery.

Recently, a patient who had undergone surgery at a major cosmetic surgery and was concerned about the scars was examined.

It caused a wide range of skin necrosis and scarring.
It seemed to have been left without explanation at the clinic where the operation was performed.
In other words, the operation is continued and no post-care is performed.
Although it was a young woman, it was a troubled visit, but there is a possibility of improvement, but it takes a lot of time and effort.
Of course, there is no possibility of completely clean skin.

It seems that patients who have already disappeared from this major cosmetic surgery have visited other medical institutions.

No explanation, no postoperative treatment, immediate surgery recommended and no precautions ... I don't even know the doctor's name ...

This is often the case with major cosmetic surgeries that prioritize advertising.
It seems that the patient was selected because it was famous for advertising and met a tragedy.
I was surprised that there were cosmetic surgeons who had no idea how to treat the wound.