A miracle in the sports world!

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Tiger Woods is famous for overcoming injuries with PRP therapy, which is attracting attention as regenerative medicine  http://get-inthehole.com/player/tigerwoods/tigerwoods_pressconf2_20100407.html

However, I started this treatment as part of Juntendo University clinical research.
It is a care that top athletes have adopted as one of the athlete's treatments in Europe and the United States because it has been highly evaluated for safety and effectiveness from many overseas literatures.
In Japan, there have been no clinical reports on athlete treatment except for beauty cases.

Anti-aging care has already been widely introduced in the sports field in the world, and results are gaining attention.

In the Sports Department, we asked the Japanese athletes from the Olympic Games in Athens / Beijing 2, who suffered from Achilles tendon breakdown and pain.

The progress is on track.
The practice that was not possible at all because of pain has been resumed, and good results were obtained at the other day's tournament.

This year's Asian Games looked promising to win medals and is a promising candidate for Japan in the World Championships and London Olympics.

I hope that you will play an active role in this new treatment trial.

In the future, we will carefully increase the number of clinical cases by carefully monitoring the progress and condition, and will continue to work on the creation of a robust protocol in Japan.

If much evidence is gained from this research and experimental treatments, we believe that sports athlete care methods will change significantly.
It is a miracle of the sports world of the 21 century.