Regenerative medicine First domestic clinical / subject recruitment

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In Europe and America, regenerative medicine is widely used for purposes other than beauty. Certainly, there is a great need for beauty, and there are many cases of regenerative medicine treatment for the purpose of beauty in Japan, and PRP therapy is performed in many facilities.

In our hospital, there are many patient needs, and the therapeutic effect has been confirmed.

However, this treatment is really effective in treating injuries, burns, and athlete failures.

Unfortunately, there are currently no facilities in this area.
In our hospital, burns and severe abrasions are treated with PRP therapy.
There are few cases, but the healing speed is amazing.
Isn't this the first attempt in Japan?

Applications such as tennis elbows, golf elbows, ligament injuries, and Achilles tendinitis are expected to bring great gospels to athletes.

Careful clinical case studies are underway, and we are preparing a paper on sports injuries using the first PRP therapy in Japan.


By all means, if you are a top athlete and have problems with injury, we would appreciate your cooperation in clinical trials.
Doping is completely denied and ethical issues can be cleared.
Although there are restrictions on athletes, I think you can make a great contribution to the future sports world.

Thank you.