PRP / regenerative medicine to beauty and sports

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PRP therapy It has been several years since was introduced in Japan, but almost all of it has been used for beauty treatment.

PRP therapy is expected to have remarkable effects such as wrinkle improvement, sagging improvement, skin tension, etc. However, there is a big difference in the treatment effect depending on the kit that produces PRP.

There are major cosmetic surgeries that offer PRP therapy at a discounted price, but there are some facilities that simply collect blood in a blood collection spitz, centrifuge, and inject plasma.
PPP, not PRP.

The effect depends on the platelet concentration, but recently it has been found that it also depends on the plasma state.

It seems that PRP of patients receiving diabetes or steroids has a reduced ability to regenerate collagen.
In other words, the effect depends on the condition.

We are doing PRP using My Cell Kit.

This is the only kit that FDA has approved for in vivo administration.

Made in Israel.

With the filter function, it is now possible to collect high-quality PRP with less impurities.

Masato Naito, the male representative of 110MH, the representative of the Japan Olympics in Athens and the Beijing Olympics, has been treated for Achilles tendonitis by the first PRP therapy in Japan and has been revived after being relieved from suffering from long-term Achilles tendon pain. Published from the interview.

With the support of Juntendo University School of Medicine, the first PRP therapy athlete care in Japan has been conducted since last year, and Naito has obtained good results so far.

Overseas, it has already been reported that ultra-1 athletes such as Olympic gold medalists, major leaguers, and Tiger Woods have undergone this treatment and are quickly recovering from injury.

Currently, we carefully select subjects for clinical research.
The world's first attempt has attracted attention from various fields, but I would be happy if I could make a wonderful protocol for this treatment and contribute to many athletes and sports people who suffer from injury.

This experiment and research was conducted with the guidance and cooperation of Juntendo Medical School Orthopedic Surgery and Veritas Corporation.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Naito for his courage and intention to challenge himself with Achilles' tendon treatment, the first PRP therapy in Japan.
I pray from the bottom of my heart that Naito, who has been revived in the midst of a lack of practice due to the pain of the Achilles tendon, won the Japan Athletics Championships and grabbed the ticket for the Asian Games Japan.