Featured beautiful female doctor

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Today, Dr. Atsuko Kobayashi, Director of Kobayashi Medical Clinic, visited us for clinic visits and beauty training.

Currently, one of the most attractive female doctors in the coverage of women's magazines and media conducts cosmetic internal medicine and cosmetic dermatology.

This is the wife of my professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi at Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine.

Before opening, I helped with a cosmetic dermatology clinic at the Akasaka clinic.

We had a meeting with future clinical research and medical treatment, including research at graduate school.

Recent topics are growth factor and regenerative medicine.

We introduced the technique and theory in the new cosmetic dermatology clinic.

After the treatment, Mr. Toru Hattori, a member of the Chubu Business World Club, was appointed president of Naka Nippon Kogyo Co., Ltd.
There are already members who have been listed and become CEOs, and those who have been appointed as CEOs of listed companies, and many entrepreneurs who are active in the recession belong to the meeting.

Because Nagoya is a very small world, I feel that all the connections are connected.

Medical treatment also requires two operations: management and medicine.
Contact with the top will be a great encouragement for future business and research.