Super doctor

In the morning, we had a meeting with Super Doctor Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi in Tokyo in collaboration with research.
For ongoing projects,

1) Study of clinical effects of placenta

2) Sports medicine, various training studies

3) Regenerative medicine research

4) Study on autonomic nerves

5) Research on fatigue

6) Chinese medicine research

And so on.

The best seller next spring? Will be published in the hope of becoming

State-of-the-art academic basis Doctors recommend training and exercise

The book may be noted as a new sport training or health exercise.

Prof. Kobayashi is a professor in the general medical department and a professor of graduate hospital management, and the youngest director of the Tokyo Medical Association.
He is also a lecturer nationwide in the practice of medical associations.

Strong members are expected to enter graduate school next season.
I would like to proceed with my research so that my juniors do not overtake it.