The power of regenerative medicine, PRP therapy

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From Tokyo Universiade Japan National Team 400MH Chiba (Juntendo University Graduate School of Physical Education) visited Nagoya clinic to treat Achilles tendonitis.

I have tried PRP therapy because I can't practice because of the intense pain.

Currently, we are conducting clinical research at Juntendo University Graduate School and Graduate School of Medicine. If the effectiveness and protocol of this method are established, it will be a great gospel for top athletes who are forced to retire due to failure.

Overseas, it is a regenerative medical treatment that is received naturally by world-class players such as Tiger Woods, gold medalist NBA players, and major leaguers.
There is no detailed information in the country for some reason, and currently there is no treatment for athletes.

We believe that this treatment, which has no side effects and is not a doping act, will definitely spread in Japan.

Treatment time is only 1-2 minutes.

If he revives in the 48-second range, he will aim for the London Olympics.