Director Nobuhiro Suetake

Clubs established

Long-standing dream Establish Top Athlete Co., Ltd.

6 years after planning to establish this company.
During this time, I met many athletes.
The graduate school was also allowed to study full-fledged sports medicine and anti-aging.
Expected to graduate from graduate school next year.

The purpose of establishing a corporation is to support athletes and contribute to society through sports, but the research business is a significant weight.

New training and exercises, state-of-the-art medical care, and development of physical capacity improvement systems will be conducted in full cooperation with universities.

This research not only contributes to health, but also to prevent metabolic syndrome, locomotive syndrome, and diet.
Of course, it is also related to beauty.

Directors and staff are mainly doctors and athletes.

Last night, the 1 meeting was held in the seminar room of the clinic.
This time, Koji Akiyoshi was appointed as an executive as a representative of top athletes.

He is also the fastest racing rider in Japan, and we will cooperate with many experiments, and we will work together in public relations and planning to make our dreams come true.

With the cooperation of JOC Japan Olympic Committee Strengthening Staff Trainer (1996 Atlanta Olympics) and JRA Japan Central Racing Association Official Trainer Dr. Shibata, we will be able to provide high-quality sports care.

Of course, cheering songs for athletes! To singer-songwriter Takeharu Oya who made a major debut.

Don't miss Danilo Zanorini who is expected to play an active role in K1MAX.

We will continue to cooperate with friends from the local community, martial arts, professional baseball, soccer, and motor sports.

An astonishing project is underway.

In order to fulfill the dreams of many athletes, I would like to strive to contribute to society through sports, health and anti-aging.