Clinic entrance

Anti-aging national policy

Last night, Mr. Satsuki Katayama, a member of the House of Councilors, visited the clinic.
It has been since I met you at the lecture of Chubu Business World Club.
They showed strong interest in anti-aging and new training system construction, and had time to hear about research at universities and future initiatives. At present, even in cutting-edge medical care, the beauty field and some anti-aging medical care have been drastically drained in Korea. In other words, Japan's anti-aging medicine will be increasingly delayed if it stays as it is.
Overseas, there is a system to protect and nurture development manufacturers as a national project for system development. Some doctors still misunderstand that Japanese companies are making progress in developing laser systems from Korea.

Is this a politician? ? ? It will be.

Great systems and new exercises not only in the beauty field but also in the health field improve locomotive syndrome and improve the physical abilities of the elderly.
It will be a great weapon to prevent osteoporosis and prevent bedridden people.

I hope Dr. Katayama will do his best to spread and research anti-aging medicine in Japan.