Meeting with Mr. Satsuki Katayama

Next year, a new exercise and training book will be published in collaboration with the professor.
I hope this book will have a big impact on the sports world. Katayama-sensei also wrote a book together! We were able to propose. He has been active as a career woman on the front lines for many years, but he was told that he was healthy and still working for Japan.
It is a very friendly and easy-to-speak teacher that is very different from the TV impression.

Other than the pre-election, the parliamentarian teacher, who had a difficult impression, was like a girl who talked about dreams.

In order to revitalize Japan, there is anti-aging medicine besides manufacturing.

Among them, a great deal of attention will be gathered when the Japanese national team plays an active role in the world by introducing new training into sports.

Not only beauty, but also health and sports. Research at universities is also very useful in clinical practice.

I think anti-aging will continue to be a topic at study sessions for teachers of the Diet.