Publish a new book.

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This morning we had a new book publishing meeting at the Peninsula Hotel.
Publication from KK Long Sellers.
This is the book by 9.
The title is on the front line of anti-aging medicine. I will have a relationship with the president, President Miyoko Sanofune in 15 years.
In this meeting, in addition to the beauty treatment, we also talked about sports and spiritual publications.
I want to publish in a series and aim to be the best seller. Lol KK Long Sellers, the best seller is non-smoking therapy, and it seems that 175 million copies have been released.
You could also talk about the publishing industry. Last night, I stayed at the Peninsula Hotel, but this was the first time I had a spa experience this morning.
Clinic spas are always aiming for full-scale operation, but there are points that cannot be fully understood by hiring skilled staff and soft parts.
There are not many spas that have been considered the best service ever.
However, the four seasons in Paris had the best massage.
Also, Xiv and New Otani have high levels and the peninsula is not too hospitality.
Hard is great.
From my experience so far, I felt that the software was still not there.
There were many parts to reference in hardware.
The room has a nice concept.
The thermal suite has a directing effect of falling shaved ice, an aroma shower, ...
It was an unprecedented facility.
I want to expect in the future.