Victims of PRP therapy

Recently, there have been an increase in the number of patients who have been treated with PRP therapy at other clinics and who have ridiculous irregularities and lumps.

The other day, there was a patient who had anxiety when there was a big lump in the cheeks and an unnatural expression when laughing.

Apparently, there is a medical institution that is simultaneously injecting a growth factor drug that should not be mixed as well as a kit that collects blood and prepares PRP.
Moreover, it seems that the treatment is performed at a high cost without giving any explanation to the patient.

I heard from a friend's cosmetic surgeon and the manufacturer's staff who sells PRP preparation kits that there is a serious violence that secretly violently injects FGF instead of applying it externally .

PRP is a treatment that is highly effective and provides extremely high patient satisfaction when performed safely.

It is a problem that there are doctors who are acting outside of medical care.