Cosmetic surgeon

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Yesterday's report.
There are facilities that make liposuction easy, but the risks are quite high, and many cosmetic surgeries have been sacrificed by many patients. ・ I think that one of the causes of this accident was having an unskilled doctor make it cheap and cheap.
We think that there is high possibility of death by acute peritonitis due to peritoneal perforation or intestinal perforation.
This accident can happen when you are in a hurry to complete the surgery. This clinic seems to have been killed in the past by selling discounts.

Some of the directors of major cosmetic surgery clinics who have worked for this clinic with insufficient knowledge and skills have experienced thousands of cases. However, cosmetic surgery is a risk and should be done with caution. I think.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department said on May 9 that the unemployed Miyako (70 years old) in Arakawa Ward who underwent liposuction surgery in Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery Ikebukuro-in, Toshima Ward, Tokyo, died in 2009. We searched several places, such as the cosmetic surgery Shinagawa Honin and the doctor's home (37) in Shiga Prefecture, on the charges of negligence and death.

The agency will seize relevant materials and will send documents to doctors for allegations.

According to investigators, the doctor was suspected of having injured the internal organs with the suction tube and killed him on December 2, 2009, during the operation of scraping and aspirating Maeda's abdominal subcutaneous fat.

Maeda repeated vomiting after returning home and died two days later. As a result of judicial dissection, the cause of death is considered to be dehydration associated with internal organ damage.

The agency searched Shinagawa Honin and Ikebukuro on the 11th of the same month after Maeda's death. As a result, Mr. Maeda decided that he was aged and had weak abdominal muscles, but he was not careful in handling the suction tube.

The doctor told the Yomiuri Shimbun about "There have been about 300 abdominal liposuction operations in the past, but there has been no accident. Maeda-san has also been carefully operated and I do not know why he died." Talking.