Fortune player! Miracle revival

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Last summer, I was in charge of regenerative medicine PRP therapy for Taesue.

Already in Japan, Masato Naito, 110MH Athletics Representative from Athens and the Beijing Olympics, has improved PRP therapy for the treatment of chronic Achilles tendonitis as the first treatment in Japan.

In Europe and America, it is popular as a treatment for top athletes.
Tiger Woods players, including gold medalists, NBA players, and major leaguers, have also been revived in the short term from failure after receiving multiple treatments.

Although there is still no evidence in Japan, this is a new treatment for regenerative medicine that is highly evaluated worldwide.

Currently, we are conducting research in cooperation with the Juntendo University School of Medicine in Japan, but in the future we would like to strive to spread clinically.

An article about the resurrection of Taesue was published in Nikkan Sports as follows.

<Onshore: Recording session> ◇ 9th (10th Japan time) ◇ Claremont, California, USA

The University of Suzhou (32 = a-meme) returned to the race for the first time in two years and eight months since the Beijing Olympics. Participated in a 400 meter run at a recording event hosted by the University of Panoma, California. The time was mediocre, 48 seconds 74, but he returned after overcoming the fight against injury. 侍 Hadler has returned to the front line.

Because I finished the run, the 1 facial expressions were filled with a pleasant sense of fulfillment. “This is the first time I have come to the stadium since Beijing. When things like scary started, time was not good, but I was really happy to race and finish.”

The breakdown continued after the Beijing Olympics. In particular, he suffered from pain in the left knee. In August of last year, he received PRP1 treatment to inject his platelets into the affected area. Originally a cosmetic surgery technique, and entrusted the life of athletes to the treatment that Tiger Woods and others received. The retirement crossed her head, saying, “If you can't do it this year, it ’s no good,” but the pain has completely disappeared in the last three months.

In the future, I will return to Japan and finally challenge the 400 meter obstacle at the Kanazawa record party on the 17th. Depending on the record, participation in Shizuoka International on the 3rd of next month will be decided. The goal for this season is to advance to the final of the World Championship in August. In order to gain the right to participate, it is necessary to break the participation standard record (A standard 49 seconds 40, B standard 49 seconds 80) and advance to the Japanese championship in June. The big goal is to participate in the London Olympics next year. “I dreamed of fighting the finals of the Olympics. I was able to feel that dream today.” 侍 Take a big step from the land of the United States to revive Hadler. [Communicator Kanako Chitose]

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