Laser treatment for professional baseball players

The main pitcher who plays a part in the rotation of the team, which is evaluated as the first candidate for the championship, was torn the gastrocnemius muscle in the lower leg.
It is so-called meat separation. The muscles are torn off, causing considerable pain, difficulty walking, and limited exercise.
Actually, this breakthrough treatment has not been found even if the medicine has advanced so much.
This time, we also examined PRP therapy, which is regenerative medicine. However, we cannot say that sufficient evidence has been obtained overseas, so we have forgotten the results in the acute phase.
But semiconductor laser. This is amazing. Previously, the irradiation energy was 60 milli, 150 milliwatt, but now it is a pulse wave, but 10000 milliwatt. The laser beam reaches 4-5 cm deep.
Many therapeutic effects can be expected, such as promoting absorption of hematoma, removing pain, improving healing by improving blood flow, and reducing muscle stiffness. This is combined with a power plate for early strengthening of the inner muscle, promotion of hematoma absorption, and relaxation of fascia tension.
A special training machine that can massage and strengthen muscles at the same time as treatment.
This is an amazing improvement.
1 weeks have passed, but normal walking is already possible.
I wish to help you with the revival as early as 1 days!