Not doping

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Inquiries about PRP therapy from all over the country have increased rapidly since the article of Taesue was published in the media. Some are self-proclaimed trainers? Is blood doping? Ton demonstration is also said.
It is true that there are many amateur trainers who can give uncertain information and make athletes uneasy despite the treatments that are recognized in the world.
… The amateur sports world is confusing.
Rather, for more than 10 years, I've been really hard with slander and pressure from some amateur sports guys.
I feel that some of my heartless leaders are hindering Japanese sports from becoming a culture.

PRP therapy is doping! It ’s ridiculous.
Many of the world's athletes, including the Vancouver Olympic gold medalist and Tiger Woods, benefit greatly from this treatment.

I sincerely hope that the existence of leaders who assert their negative views will not lead athletes in the wrong direction.