Can regenerative medicine PRP do miracles?

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PRP therapy was given to athletes who were candidates for Japan Rugby at Shinjuku Gyoen and Kobayashi Medical Clinic.
I was treated in the presence of Prof. Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Juntendo University School of Medicine, Juntendo Clinic.
This magic treatment.
If it spreads in Japan, it will support many top athletes.
Overseas, including Tiger Woods and Nadal, super athletes are recovering from injuries in a short period of time using PRP therapy. This is the second case for the domestic jumper's knee after the end of the game.
On the 16th, the third treatment will be given to top athletes. Regenerative medicine is expected to expand in the field of aesthetic medicine, but I think it is necessary to accumulate academic evidence and evidence. After treatment, a platinum hideout? Meeting with Prof. Kobayashi at Yakiniku Restaurant.
Reconstruct Japan with sports! !

A spirit enters.