PRP therapy light and darkness

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Masato Naito (Beijing, Athens Men's 110MH Japan National Team) was the first case in Japan, and the results were good.
PRP therapy This was the second case in Japan for the treatment of top athletes.
It is urgent to have many people know that there is such a wonderful treatment, and at the same time establish evidence and protocols.
It is also effective for burns and pressure sores, skin trauma, and skin necrosis. Healed so quickly that I was surprised.
It has been successfully used to treat a wide range of skin necrosis that requires skin grafting. In Japan, Dr. Junichiro Kubota is the leading person including aesthetic medicine., there is no evidence, and there is a problem in cosmetic surgery, where manufacturers are infused with contraindicated drugs and injected into a serious situation.
There is also the current situation that physicians are doing to look at.
The wonderful treatment of PRP is not only a big difference depending on the practitioner, treatment method, and treatment kit, but it is also harmful.
Everything carefully. Is important.