Global trainer gathering & latest treatment workshop

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Hiroyuki Kobayashi Surrounding Professor of Juntendo University School of Medicine! A workshop was held.
State-of-the-art treatment for Sydney, Athens, Beijing Paralympic Athletics High Jump Japan representative Toru Suzuki.
A dream that continues to challenge even if I lose my legs
I would be honored to help you with that precious feeling. I've always been hoping that I can help people with disabilities in any form or in any way.
I am really thankful to Toru Suzuki who came from far away. It was a great asset for me to give Suzuki a state-of-the-art PRP therapy, and it was the first step in trying to improve the suffering of athletes in the future. Thank you very much.

Today, the world ’s top athlete leaders, trainers, motorsport professionals, professional golfers, top athletes, and specialists gathered from all over the country for this workshop and meeting.
F1 Racing Driver A world-class professional golfer, a world-class figure skater, and a super-powerful member who teaches and cares a world-class jockey has decided to work together to support many sports in the future!

In many cases, models and entertainers will be asked to make a body in a short period of time.