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Body piercing treatment will increase rapidly in summer,
Ear piercing peaks at 3 month.
One of the main reasons for avoiding summer piercing seems to be the superstition that summer suprises when you pierce.
However, piercing in summer does not cause suppuration.

The problem is that if you do not clean the area around the pierce hole enough, the dirt will accumulate and become dirty and infected.

After piercing, bathing and shampooing are OK.
However, it is better to stop perm and hair color on 2-3 days.

The medical piercing is designed to be able to open the pierced hole beautifully with a pure gold-plated coating and a thick rod.

Piercing with a piercing gun that wears piercings at the moment.

There is very little pain and no bleeding.
Hall care with special chemicals.

Disinfection with isodine, machiroon, and hibiten makes it difficult to form pierced holes.
In this hospital, we have created a piercing solution that promotes wound healing mainly based on vitamin sea derivatives and handed it to patients.
Earring pierces in summer. . . I hope this superstition will disappear sooner.