New book publication

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Last night, I moved to Tokyo and published a new book

It is planned to be published in collaboration with my supervisor, Professor Juntendo University Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi, or under my supervision.

Prof. Kobayashi has already talked about specific stories in many TV appearances and media, and inquiries are inundated.

Aired on September 3 Even in the world's best class. ...

Now being published, it is also featured in LEXUS magazine for Lexus owners.

The content is a new training method to train the mind and body
So far, training has an image of aerobic exercise weight training ...

If you train your autonomic nerves at the same time, your body and mind will become more powerful.

This method has already been applied for space development and military purposes.
For the general public

In a short time
No cost
The effect can be expected with certainty

This book explains the training developed as a method with easy-to-understand examples.

The world's top athletes have already been practicing great results and attracting attention.

I hope it can be published within the year ...