For big projects

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There was our board meeting.
Currently, we are researching and developing Autonomic nerves and improving their functions

Autonomic function measurement and training

1: Space development
2: Military
3: Education
4: Health
5: Heart trouble PTSD, etc.
6: Evaluation of various drugs and supplements
7: Evaluation of various therapies and treatments
8: Stress care management
9: Coaching
10: Anti-aging

It is useful for many cases.

Measuring and improving autonomic nervous function, which is human software, is likely to make a great social contribution as well as support for active athletes.
Perhaps the clinical application of autonomic nerves is more than 15 years behind in Europe and America.
I purchased a Russian autonomic function measuring instrument 15 years ago ...

I hope that the study of autonomic nerves, which will benefit many people, will proceed to a large-scale project.