Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi

Autonomic nerves are the key to exercise

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Prof. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Juntendo University School of Medicine, who was a collaborator and boss at 3 time special last night at Takeshi's home medicine, explained constipation and autonomic nerves.
My degree thesis on TV! ! It was introduced. Today, I worked on a new exercise together in the laboratory and prepared for publication.
The only exercise in Japan that improves the autonomic nervous function and trains the inner efficiently.
We have arranged training for the general public that currently introduces top athletes who are active worldwide. Dancing music was provided by a major debut singer-songwriter who is experimenting with sounds and melodies that are most effective for the autonomic nervous system. Since all sounds can be produced in real time with a synthesizer, it seems that very effective music can be produced.

Publication of exercise books with scientific evidence is imminent.