Exercise model instructor

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5 will publish an exercise book with a DVD together with Juntendo University School of Medicine, the leading expert in autonomic nerve research in Japan.

Many exercise books so far are not only lacking in evidence, but they often introduce exercises that, if done, can cause health problems.

This time, we arranged clinical exercises with Professor Kobayashi, practiced by many world-class top athletes, and realized the remarkable effects. This is an exercise with scientific evidence based on anatomical and exercise physiology studies, developed by the first doctor in Japan that can also improve neurological function.

The looks, styles, abilities, and people involved in the exercise model that we selected at the audition were surprisingly perfect and perfect for this book.
Yesterday, it was recorded in a canned state in a studio in Tokyo from X: 30 AM in the morning to X: 30 PM in the afternoon.

The effect has been proven by heart rate variability analysis and peripheral blood flow measurement.

I expect a new generation of exercise to replace radio gymnastics.

I ’m 50 years old, do you work hard? doing.