DVD will appear.

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6 Mon 25 Day Supervised Cell Exercise Book published by Gakken, will also appear on the demonstration DVD.

Hiroyuki Kobayashi, a leading expert in autonomic nerve research and popular on health programs, developed with the professor of Juntendo University School of Medicine, and achieved remarkable results in teaching many top athletes. Until anytime, anywhere, easily, in a short time, without using equipment, at low cost, exercise that can be expected to be surely effective ... Cell exercise

Both the body and autonomic nerves are activated. Of course, there is evidence and many famous athletes have already been introduced!

I am 50 years old and have done physical remodeling with this cell exercise.
I now maintain the same physical abilities as athletes in the 20 generation.
The body fat percentage will be one digit this year.

Former F1 racing driver, MOTOGP racing rider, K1 champion, Japan national track and field player, karate world champion, professional golfer and other top athletes are doing cell exercise together!

410 MANBE Carving dance by Hiromi Kashiwagi during an unprecedented break This time, the production was decided by the strong demand of the Gakken editorial department to release an exercise with medical evidence to many people.

This is a confident work of me and Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi
Exercise appears to be modest, but works well for all muscles.
The feature is that you can feel that your physical ability has improved immediately.