First broadcast in home medicine! !

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Yesterday was in Tokyo. I went to the studio to help with the medical recordings of Takeshi's home, where Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi of Juntendo University School of Medicine appeared.
7 month 3 day 3 time special.
The theme this time was autonomic nerves and constipation
It is a content that medically explores the background of health by closely covering the actress's daily life.
Meals, training, autonomic nervous function ...
High audience rating is expected with quite dark contents.

Introducing 2 cell exercises for constipation. I started working on model exercises before recording.
The model was a race queen of a famous GT500 team.

The world's first exercise with medical grounds for autonomic nervous function and approach to internal organs. I believe that it will surely help improve the health and physical ability of athletes from children to the elderly.