It will be released tomorrow!

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Tomorrow, 6 month 25 day Cell exercise DVD with MOOK book will be released at bookstores nationwide.
This is the world's first next-generation exercise that can improve the autonomic nervous function and improve the physical ability. It is an exercise that can be easily performed anywhere from children, elderly people, women to top athletes.

It will be published by Gakken who made a break with Kirby Dance.

There is an offer from Gakken who wants to publish an exercise book with medical evidence with a DVD. Prof. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Professor of Juntendo University School of Medicine, and I have been researching and developing together for 6 years Blood flow to cells, autonomic function This is an exercise that considers exercise physiology and anatomical considerations.

In fact, it can be released with confidence in exercises that are introduced to junior instruction and top athlete instruction and produce reliable results.

Mr. Ken Nakata, a trainer dedicated to Kei Ishikawa, who has been teaching many of the world's top athletes, has also received a recommendation.

This is a next-generation exercise that has greatly contributed to my physical remodeling and physical improvement.

We have developed original movements by arranging parts that have evidence of health methods that have been considered to be effective in the past, such as yoga, pilates, tai chi, dynamic stretch, and draw-in.

I believe that it will definitely spread. I want to continue to work with many children, women, and top athletes!