Treatment from former major leaguer trainer

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The next generation chiropractic adjuster using a computer system was operated by Mr. Teramoto who is currently working as a trainer for the main pitchers of the Chunichi Dragons along with Major Leaguer.
I am surprised at the effect of listening to rumors.
Mr. Haruyuki Iwasaki is a pioneer and is playing an active role as the first person in Japan.

Today, we invited professional athletes and instructor trainers to hold a cell exercise seminar.

Functional anatomy
Autonomic neurology
I talked about exercise physiology, etc., and explained the process of cell exercise development.
Participants were already experienced in teaching top professional athletes from juniors, and it was realized that next-generation exercise would greatly improve physical functions from children to seniors and top athletes.
Exercise is over from the muscle days.
In the future, exercise is likely to attract attention from the autonomic nervous system and visceral strengthening.