Next generation training

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Every day, I and Prof. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Juntendo University School of Medicine, receive a request for training of autonomic nervous function, which is a next-generation training instruction by top athletes and instructors from all over the country.
Rina Hara, who entered the 2 position in the Yokoshiro Women's Open Golf Tournament yesterday, is featured in each sports paper, but everywhere is the same as Satoshi Ishikawa! High autonomic nerve function level! ! It is introduced.
That's right.
The power alone does not determine the superiority or inferiority of athletes.
The key to improving performance is the level of conditioning and autonomic function, which has already been introduced into space development and military training, including the former Soviet Union, for decades.

Cell Exercise is a generalization of this program in collaboration with Professor Kobayashi.
You do n’t have to be an astronaut, you do n’t have to be in a special army, and you do n’t have to be a top athlete.
Next-generation exercise.