Deep emotion! ! Win! !

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A tragedy happened this spring.
When taking a mobile phone, our senior managing director and active top racing rider Kogo Akiyoshi fell down during a test run and reported emergency transportation with a doctor helicopter.
A close examination at Dokkyo Medical University also introduced femoral neck fracture and artificial bone head replacement.
I had the opportunity to ask the Juntendo University School of Medicine Orthopedic Surgery team to have the highest level of treatment.
However, the hospitalization life of less than 1 months, severe rehabilitation ...
This season is hopeless.

However, I made a vow with Akiyoshi to return early.

Training overturning common sense Training: Arranged cell exercises and performed daily in the hospital room.

With a tremendous recovery, yesterday's Suzuka 8 Endurance Road Race returned to the first round.

There was a win even in a situation where muscle strength and internal organs functions were not fully restored.

The qualifying saved power and was in 4 position.

The pair riders also hit the production without testing.

However, the support system for riders is the world's highest level of medical and technical lines.

While the machine couldn't be controlled more than expected, he won the Dantotsu championship while becoming full-fledged.

I was able to revenge the same pair as the last year's revenge, which missed the championship due to a fall and was in 3.

Kou Akiyoshi achieved 2 consecutive victory! !

I am proud to have helped him win as a trainer.