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High school that does not stretch at all is the top!

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This is a report from Sakae Clinic Track and Field Club Manager and Director Moriura.

Dr. Moriura was renowned as one of the closest to Bolt in Japan, taking care of Asafa Powell and Usain Bolt, who stayed in Japan at the Jamaican training camp in front of the Osaka World Land.

Professor MoriuraCell exercise Including the training method that I advocated in the first place, the athletes of the track and field team instructed the other day's Aichi newcomer game achieved the achievement of four crowns of men's 100M, 200M, 4 × 100, 4 × 400M relays. .

Is stretch really necessary? The preparatory exercise is flexible, stretching, whatever ...
It seems that the time has come for many leaders to humbly review their teaching methods.