Diet book has been released.

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Won 1st place in the AMAZON king's library before the release. This is an approach from the viewpoint of the autonomic nervous system. In fact, this instruction has been confirmed to be effective for athletes and general women.

Released yesterday.

Key points of autonomic training

1: Gentle stimulation to the head and face by tapping

2: Breathing method

3: Intestinal stimulation to inner unit stimulation

4: Parasympathetic nerve stimulation by external sympathetic stimulation by expiration

5: Trunk / terminal linkage dynamic stretch

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To make know-how in autonomic nerve research simple and easy This is an autonomic nerve training method that has been developed from an anatomical, exercise-physiological, autonomic neurological perspective, and taking into account the latest knowledge and thinking about stretching.

Although it is simple, this is the essence that provides the body design guidance for the students of the highest class of professional development in the AVEX Artist Academy Nagoya School.