Day turning meditation I became 1 in AMAZON.

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I supervised the book “Turn Up Meditation” in AMZON and became 1.
Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi gave a lecture on autonomic nerves in today's world-class class.
I explained the book of daily meditation.
Research and practice in the autonomic nervous system are conducted in a wide range of fields that extend to sports in our classroom.
This is a field that attracts a lot of attention.
After the airing on TV, it became the best-selling ranking 1 in AMAZON.

Currently working with Prof. Hiroyuki Kobayashi on a book on breathing.
The world's first autonomic neurologist releases a book on breathing techniques.
I have absolute confidence in the content.
10 monthly publication is scheduled.
Autonomic nerve ⇒ Intestinal environment ⇒ Respiratory flow.