photograph. The world's first specialists explain breathing methods! !

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World's first autonomic neurologically developed breathing method book.

Studio shot yesterday? The model is Miki Tsutsumi from Campbell.

It ’s a very nice model.

Leading Japanese in the study of autonomic nerves Prof. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Professor of Juntendo University School of Medicine, supervised by Nobuhiro Suetake, director of Sakae Clinic. Many top athletes, top idols, and models have been instructed so far. Respiratory techniques have been developed anatomically, physiophysiologically, and autonomically so that the general public can easily and anywhere. It will be a revolutionary content arranged to.

I go every day to improve my physical performance. If you do this, you don't need yoga or pilates! A book of confidence.

10 month release.

It is sold not only at general bookstores but also at FamilyMarts nationwide.