Anti-engineering dream medicine

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Is there a dream medicine for anti-aging?

There is! !

Evidence, possible side effects, long-term effects. . . Drugs for which everything has been studied and the mechanism has been elucidated.


That is metformin.


The purchase price is higher than the drug price. . .

It is a drug that has been widely used worldwide as a treatment for diabetes.

However, it has recently attracted attention because it can be expected to have anti-aging, anti-cancer and dietary effects even in much smaller amounts used for the treatment of diabetes.

I take it every day.

There is more evidence than any supplement, and there is no need to consider side effects and it is cheaper.

When my friend's doctors told me that I was taking, almost everyone started taking it.

It is an indispensable medicine for me who consume a large amount of chocolate and fruits before sleeping.