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Metformin causes lactic acidosis as a side effect when I was in medical school. I was educated.

But what about now?

Its medicinal effects are reconfirmed, and there are almost no side effects except for the elderly and dehydrated patients ...

In addition, it is inexpensive and has been investigated for all side effects, and it is the most widely used medicine for diabetes in the world.


“Diabetes who are treated with metformin may live longer than those without diabetes,” the researchers stress.
Metformin extends the life expectancy of diabetics

This study is by Professor Craig Curry of Cardiff University School of Medicine, a national university in Wales, UK. A large-scale study of more than 18 million people showed that metformin has a therapeutic effect that extends lifespan by as much as compared to people without diabetes.

The team compared the survival rate of 1 million XNUM diabetic patients prescribed sulfonylurea (SU drug) and 2,222 million 7 diabetic patients prescribed metformin. We analyzed using data from CPRD (Clinical Practice Research Datalink), a medical information database in the UK. CPRD has about 8,241% of UK patients registered.

Sulfonylurea drugs (SU drugs), along with metformin, are the most commonly used antidiabetic drugs. A cohort (population) using SU drugs and metformin was compared to the average life expectancy of non-diabetic patients who met criteria such as age, gender, lifestyle, smoking, and treatment status.

As a result, “The survival rate of diabetic patients treated with metformin showed a slight but statistically significant improvement compared to the cohort of non-diabetic patients. “The survival rate was low compared to non-diabetic patients,” says Curry.

The effect of metformin

Metformin is the most widely used therapeutic agent in the world and is positioned as the first choice for the treatment of diabetes in the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and European Diabetes Association (EASD) treatment guidelines.

Metformin is unique in that it does not promote insulin secretion but has a wide range of extrapancreatic effects. Metformin suppresses gluconeogenesis in the liver, promotes the utilization of sugar in the periphery such as muscles, and suppresses glucose absorption from the intestinal tract, thereby exhibiting a hypoglycemic action.

Metformin has been used since the 1950 era and has a long history, but lactic acidosis due to the biguanide phenformin was reported in the 1970 era and became a problem. In Japan, the use and dosage of metformin is limited in part. It became so. However, in the 1990 era, biguanide drugs were reviewed globally, and large-scale clinical trials using metformin were conducted in Europe and the United States.

As a result, it was revealed that metformin has merits such as no increase in body weight as compared with the SU agent and the effect of improving insulin resistance. It was also revealed that the incidence of lactic acidosis in metformin users was lower than that of phenformin.

Many researchers conclude that metformin is one of the best choices because it has low side effects, has a long history of use, and is inexpensive because it is also available in generic drugs.

Many observational studies have been published that there are few cases of cancer among diabetic patients who have been taking metformin, and the anticancer effect of this drug is also drawing attention.

Also effective for pre-diabetes group

“Metformin is an inexpensive and widely prescribed anti-diabetes drug. Surprisingly, this study has shown that it has a beneficial effect on the reserve group at high risk of developing diabetes and patients with 1 diabetes. "It was shown," says Professor Curry.

Metformin has been reported to reduce the onset of cancer and cardiovascular disease, but interestingly, it has been shown that the diabetic reserves can reduce the chance of developing the disease.

Of course, this treatment doesn't mean you can cure 2 diabetes. If the disease progresses, it is necessary to switch to more aggressive treatment. “Statistically, life expectancy is reduced by 8 years when diabetes develops. The best way to improve diabetes is to eliminate obesity, maintain proper weight, and continue moderate exercise. (Professor Curry).

2 diabetes is the most common chronic disease that affects 8% of adults in the US and 6% of UK adults. In the future, the research team is planning to investigate what kind of treatment can be applied to patients who have been prescribed metformin to bring the average life expectancy closer to the national average.


I ’m 250mg every day,

In the Tokai region, I visited a famous diabetic specialist who competes for 1 and 2.

If you can expect diet, anti-aging effects, anti-cancer effects, etc., it is cheaper than any supplement.

Although supplements tend to be thought of as having no side effects, there are many supplements that have side effects, and supplements that contain plenty of additives such as thickeners, coloring agents, preservatives ... There are also things to bring.


This is what I am talking about in a lecture at Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine.