Miki Tsutsumi, the first wonderful breath trainer in Japan

11 month 1 day It will be released at bookstores and FamilyMart nationwide.
Cell exercise & breathing. We are teaching to top athletes who are represented in Japan. We arrange the practical contents so that even the general public can easily.
Model is Campbell Model Agencyhttp://model-campbell.com/Miki Tsutsumi
A very nice woman who will be active as the first breath trainer in Japan.
It is the world's first breathing method book developed by examining medical grounds, anatomical, exercise physiology, and autonomic neurological approaches.
This book can be confidently recommended for content that has been highly praised by top athletes.
Although many books on breathing techniques have been published, I think that this is the world's first book that specialists release as 2 authors.
The model also selects Miki Tsutsumi, which is perfect for a breathing method book.
A star will appear from Nagoya!
Thank you.