Breathing lesson released today

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Anyone can practice a breathing method book.

It will be released today at bookstores in Japan.

The author's book is the world's first specialist who summarizes the simple and easy-to-understand practices that I and Juntendo University School of Medicine Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi have practiced for many top athletes.

The contents are the results of many famous top athletes practicing the results.

The trainers so far are completely different from the published books.


Model is Miki Tsutsumi, a Campbell Model Agency in my local Nagoya

Miki Tsutsumi is the world's first breath trainer who is active as a breathing instructor with an autonomic approach.


Although it has many achievements as a model, it will attract attention as a breath trainer who can train athletes and women.


I was in attendance directly for shooting, and I was instructing posing.