To learn autonomic nerves

Inquiries related to autonomic nerves are increasing every day.

We have compiled some of the websites and books that you can refer to, including the content that we study in graduate school together with Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Juntendo University School of Medicine.

■ For details on autonomic nerves, see below.

Top athlete website

  • Advanced Medical Science Sports Academy (AMSA) Nobuhiro Suetake acts as Vice President

  • Nobu-Suetake Crystal Mecha Art Nobuhiro Suetake art activities

  • Nobuhiro Suetake Personal Site Introducing the activities of Nobuhiro Suetake

Reference books

By Hiroyuki Kobayashi,Nobuhiro SuetakeSupervision and demonstration Cell exercise, Gakken 2012

By Hiroyuki Kobayashi,Nobuhiro SuetakeSupervised cell exercise to awaken whole body cells, Poplar 2014

Nobuhiro Suetake: Clinical Sports Medicine Special Feature Acceleration Training, Bunkodo 2013etc.

By Hiroyuki Kobayashi,Nobuhiro SuetakeSupervised Why do people who are successful are aware of "autonomic nerves"

?East Press 2104

By Hiroyuki Kobayashi,Nobuhiro SuetakeSupervision Autonomous nerve training that is the most beautiful in the world

Mikasa Shobo 2014

By Hiroyuki Kobayashi,Nobuhiro SuetakeSupervision Day-Turning Meditation Seven & i Publishing 2016

Hiroyuki Kobayashi Nobuhiro Suetake Slow breathing lesson Nippon Bungeisha 2016