Only in the world? Autonomic nerve salon

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Operates the ultimate salon to prepare autonomic nerves.

We supervised the approach to autonomic nerves based on theories with evidence as much as possible, including therapist guidance and company guidance.


Unfortunately for 528 music, there is still a sense that the effectiveness is too high, although evidence is still established.


Actually, the frequency of 528Hz will certainly affect the living body, but the current situation is that papers and research are far behind.

Some scientists who promote 528HZ may have never thought that the autonomic nerve has been measured and analyzed in a solid format.


We are the most widely used in the space development program of the Russian Academy of Defense of the US Department of Defense, facilities related to the Ministry of Defense, and university medical departments and research institutions throughout Japan. Data collection and analysis is performed using a system made by Biocom Technology. We are evaluating the autonomic approach in each field.


I think we should refrain from over-commercial expression as if 528, which has great potential, gained evidence too much.


Regarding the effects of 528Hz on autonomic nerves There are no solid medical papers yet, and even if N is related to the experiment, it seems that the effect on autonomic nerves has not been confirmed.


But so much attention has been paid to the potential of 528 music, and I just hope it won't be guided in the wrong direction by a commercial instigator.


We will continue to collect and analyze data until a scientific evaluation of 528Hz is established in the near future.