The potential and danger of 528Hz music

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Recently, many people have been asked more about the effects and effectiveness of 528 music on the autonomic nervous system.

I am very worried about 528 music, so I would like to share my opinions on the blog.


Unfortunately for 528 music, the evidence is still established medically, but the effectiveness is emphasized and I feel that there is a sense of being too advanced.

It seems that the frequency of 528Hz has a lot to experience in the real world, but academic papers and research on 528 music have become a hot topic. What are public reputation and advertising articles? The current situation is that we are far behind.

528 Some university officials who recommend the effectiveness of music may be considered to have never been analyzed by measuring and analyzing the autonomic nerves in a well-defined format, and the autonomic nerves may be evaluated suspiciously. I am strongly concerned about not seeing it.

Autonomic nerves are subject to many external and internal influences such as the environment and internal conditions, and it is common sense to conduct experiments and research under strict conditions.

If you are not familiar with autonomic anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, and clinical practice at the medical level, your doctor will understand the dangers of commenting on the effects of music on your body.

Shouldn't specialists evaluate the effects on the body?

We have been steadily collecting data using the system made by Biocom Technology, which has been widely adopted by the US Department of Defense's Russian Academy of Science Space Development Program MARS500, MOD-related facilities, and university medical schools and research institutions across Japan. We have analyzed and evaluated the autonomic nerve approach in each field.

I think that 528 music, which has great potential, is too much evidence of over-commercial expression as if it had gained evidence and should be refrained from trust.

I think that it is necessary to be careful not to be regarded as suspicious ton demo music when the effect is truly medically proven.

Concerning the influence of 528 music on autonomic nerves No solid medical papers have been published yet, and it has been publicized that it has been enforced. ?

However, the potential of 528 music is definitely so much, and I just hope that it won't be guided in the wrong direction by those who are prioritizing business and profits on a commercial basis.

We believe that scientists need to make a clear distinction with those who lead 528 on a commercial basis.

We will continue to collect and analyze data until a scientific evaluation of 528Hz is established in the near future.