528 music and autonomic nerves

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It is certain that music affects the autonomic nerve.


The sound of music is composed of frequency, but the influence of the frequency on the living body has been attracting attention recently.

Among them, the attention is high at 528Hz

So-called 528 music.

I myself am very interested in listening to BGM every day.


I have been studying the autonomic nerve for many years, but it is over-promoted when it has a great influence on the autonomic nerve. I am concerned about the doubt that the commercial-based method of 528 music denies the possibility and possibility.


As long as the effects on the autonomic nerves are sought, the basis is necessary.

How are the effects on autonomic nerves measured, analyzed and scientific statistics taken? Unification of conditions and reliability in verification and experiments.

At least the results of my research are clinically absent.

There are no medical academic papers.


Is there an autonomic specialist? The contradiction that a person who is not an autonomic neurologist asserts the fact that he believes.


The relationship between music and autonomic nerves is confirmed by many papers and the evidence is almost established, but 528 music is still under development.

Nonetheless, the effectiveness is greatly exaggerated and is being used for business? I think.


This direction is never the right direction.

There is also a risk that the precious 528 music will be classified into the suspicious music field due to the excessive PR of inciting humans.


I enjoy listening to 528 music every day, and everyone is wonderfully touched and healed. It seems to be very uncomfortable with the current situation of exaggerating only good things that seem to work on the autonomic nerve.


I feel that instigated humans have lost essence in pursuit of profits.

I want people who are instigated to take a common sense.

I believe in the possibilities of 528 music. I want to convey NG to a business mind that has a different dimension from me.