Wakiga / hyperhidrosis nurse treatment

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The number of inquiries that Miradry is not effective is increasing rapidly.

Today, a nurse who received Miradry treatment by a nurse was visited by a patient who had no effect at all and asked for retreatment.



Does the nurse perform the treatment? ? ? Miradry treatment is a medical practice for treating diseases using medical devices.

Even under the supervision of a doctor, the nurse's treatment is questionable.

First of all, there are risks during treatment, such as changes that cause burns to the skin at high output and neurological symptoms ...

There should be troubles that only the doctor knows.


There is no such thing as a nurse performing a wakiga operation.

But Mira Dry is done.

Is Miradry a moderate treatment?

In the past, the manufacturer recommended that the nurses do it (the nurses would be able to perform the procedure if this device was installed, so the teacher would not have to worry about it). From the person in charge.

Is this not NG in medical law?


Physicians who have a policy of taking responsibility for treating patients do not think that they will be left to nurses.

I always feel it whenever I get a consultation about Miradry re-treatment.