Medical loan

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In our hospital, electrocoagulation is not allowed to be performed with a loan.


The reason is that I don't want to put any financial burden on the patient.

It is not a procedure that is performed until a loan is assembled with the patient.

In addition, the electrocoagulation method is not completed once, but is performed several times at intervals of 2-3 months, so if payment is made in installments, it will be the same as loan.

Of course there is no interest rate.


However, medical institutions that perform electrocoagulation in Tokyo also recommend medical loans.

Medical loans have a higher interest rate than regular loans and should never be recommended to patients.

If this medical loan is used as a means to close contracts on the spot, it would be horrible.


Please pay attention to the sales talk of the counselor who recommends the loan. We do not conclude a loan contract on the spot, and we recommend the treatment after it is slowly considered.


Is this affiliate site unilaterally good? It is emphasized only that it can be seen.

The youtube video featured on this site is a procedure that is far from electrocoagulation.


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