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Bone stretch

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Recently became famous bone stretch. Takashi Matsumura used to study at a clinic in the past. His wonderful thing was that he listened and practiced my stretch concept.
Unlike other trays, he listens and trusts in the question of the effectiveness of static stretching.
The thumb he tells on TV is the brake The little finger is the accelerator that I always taught him.


I have been complaining for several years that static stretch is likely to cause health problems for athletes.
Research and experiments have reported overseas that stretch, which was naturally performed as a warm-up, reduces athlete performance. I think my legs were stretched by the Achilles tendon stretch before the teacher forced swimming. There may have been a flesh in the stretch that the leader forced.
Like a doctor who forcibly disinfects a wound or puts gauze directly on the wound ...

The fact that static stretching during warm-up reduces subsequent physical abilities such as strength, speed, and power is evident from many studies (Avela et al., 1999; Cornwell et al., 2001; Cornwell). et al., 2002; DeVries, 1963; Evetovich, Nauman, Conley, & Todd, 2003; Fletcher et al., 2004; Fowles et al., 2000; Kokkonen et al., 1998; Nelson et al., 2005; Wilson , Murphy, & Pryor, 1994; Young et al., 2001; Young et al., 2003).


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