Summary of past activities.

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At the clinic, I have been doing cosmetic surgery, dermatology and cosmetic internal medicine for many years.

Anti-aging medical technology has been introduced to the sports field for the first time in Japan, and we have supported many athletes.

There are currently ongoing projects, but I would be honored if what I have done so far will be useful to athletes who are active in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.


▼ Initiatives and research

2010 year 10 month Top Athlete Co., Ltd.
(Athlete Support Corporation) Founded Representative Director

NPO corporation Kurenza
Junior Track and Field Athlete Development Project
Training instruction

Premiere Ballet Class
Junior training project training charge

Oishi Dojo (gym) Karate / Kickboxing
Junior training project training

Support for F1 racing driver development project with special lecturer (physical and mental training) at NODA Racing Academy

Golfer Professional golfer training project management and training

AVEX Artist Academy Nagoya School
Special Student Class Lecturer Body Design Guidance

Miss Universe Japan Aichi Tournament (2013, 2014,2015) Beauty Camp Lecturer

Best Body Japan 1 Japan Tournament
Judge (Media Producer)

Kopan Hoshino boxing gym
Junior boxer training Professional training

2009-2013 Martial arts group HEAT ring doctor

Sakae Clinic TC (Track and Field Club)
Olympic Japan National Team player development project

Biocom Autonomic nerve function measurement system development, experiment and clinical application and introduction of medical check

Targeting domestic top athletes
Preparation and clinical research of PRP therapy protocol
(Takesue Univ., Masato Naito, Masaharu Morito, Tetsuji Hiratsuka, Toru Suzuki, Masayoshi Wada, Reomineiro and other top athletes)

Exercise that is popular,
Validation of training evidence

Japan Advanced Medical Science and Sports Academy
(AMSA) There is a medical basis as Vice President
Dissemination of training, trainer training and education,
Support for disabled sports, second athlete
Career support, junior guidance support.

Auditor of Japan Visual Ability Training Association (former WBA World Super Flyweight Champion Kakui Iida Representative Director)
As a visual training spread. Training guidance, treatment results, and many others

2015 as Nobu Suetake
Artist activity starts

2016 Japan Record Award Award
ACOON HIBINO and 528Hz autonomic nerve
Art project started
Appointed Director of Otobotoke Co., Ltd.

2017 Year Thorax Training Machine
System development and supervision

2017 year Autonomic nerve salon Salon528 opened
Opened Cell Treatment Academy, trained autonomic nerve therapist and autonomic trainer.

2018 Year Nagayu Onsen Naturopathic Kurhaus Training Project Support

▼ Research

Introduction of anti-aging and regenerative medicine to sports

Establishment of autonomic function evaluation method and introduction of autonomic function measurement system in sports

Sport injury treatment and skin injury treatment by PRP therapy

Fractional laser,
Skin regeneration therapy with growth factor introduction

Cell exercise, breathing, mindfulness

Development of personal characteristics and conditioning training method in motor function

Study on effects of 528Hz on living body

Effects of visual information on autonomic nerves by art

He has been teaching alternative medicine, risk management, sports medicine, research, and paper production for Juntendo University School of Medicine, Master's degree students, and graduate students since Heisei 25.

Heisei 27 Special lecturer at Kyushu Medical Sports College