Clinic Studio

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Sakae Clinic Music Studio has held live performances for many artists, including the Record Award-winning artist, and has been working to develop methods that allow scientific and medical approaches to music.

The power of healing in music is amazing.

The autonomic nerve is really in place.

Even when I was in charge of T JAPAN's lead vocalist TOSHI, I talked to this studio and discussed live and concert plans.

I was impressed that my guitar was played and sung.

Elegat playing a healing melody is back from repair. Autographed by TOSHI.

At that time, TOSHI was using a lower model of this model live.

Currently, the world's best CM queen, the healing diva Minnehaha, is producing and supervising cover songs, and is preparing for CD production.

Yesterday was also a big break as an autonomic nerve artist Takeharu Oya and a synthesizer to make a sound source at the clinic studio.

The music is amazing!