Producing the world's best CM song diva

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Minnehaha, famous as the world's best CM song diva


Is produced from the person himself.

I have been supporting the activities of many artists.


This time, her wonderful activities will be spotted, and the potential will be wonderful. This is a scientific approach to the healing of singing voices, so that as many people as possible can know and deliver it.

Currently, we have started to make a book with CD, with Sakai Publisher, but we are also interested in the sound source and are planning to deliver her song as a cover song of a famous song that everyone knows.


I believe we can produce CDs of unprecedented quality.

The sound source production and performance received the highest evaluation in Japan. With the cooperation of the autonomic nerve artist Takeharu Oya, rehearsal, sound source production and recording started at Sakae Clinic Studio.


Minnehaha will be singing with the song he wrote on the CD.